HotKey QL

HotKey QL 2.0.5

Keep your shortcut keys in one place

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Added support for Windows Vista


  • Added support for Windows Vista

The HotKey QL system gives the ability to keep all the keyboard shortcuts in one central place, this is very different to the way shortcuts are implemented by Windows. The option to add a description to each of the key combinations provides a better understanding of the action performed by the key combination. As the list is in a central system, there is no need to track application shortcuts or any need to keep shortcut files just so that a key combination can be used to perform the action.

In addition to standard shortcuts, HotKey QL can run scripts in the forms batch, Visual Basic scripts and Java scripts. These can be controlled using key combinations or just run from the editor.

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HotKey QL


HotKey QL 2.0.5

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